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What to say, what to say......? Where is the fine line between sharing enough info to be welcoming to new friends, and avoiding TMI to deter creeps?

I'm 30ish, a wife, mom to a 7 yr old boy (yes--a planned only child), and a college professor (American History). Shopping is my obviously one of my favorite hobbies, and my regular haunts include J Crew, Lands End Canvas, Talbots, Boden, & Banana Republic (oh, did I mention eBay for old school J Crew?). Sadly, due to the hell-hole part of Texas in whence I reside -DEEP, DEEP South Texas- I'm very far removed from many of my favorite brick and mortars (the nearest J Crew is 450 miles away --gasp!) and this forces me to buy almost extensively online. Mr. Brownshorts and I are on a first name basis.

Seeing as how my eyes are bigger than my wallet (and quite frankly I'm rather cheap), my policy is never to pay retail, always wait for a sale or promo--clearance is even better, and eBay scores are the best.

To be clear, this blog isn't attempting to be about OMGFASHUN. I'd never claim to be fashion-forward. I just enjoy wearing clothes. Normal clothes. Real-people clothes. I have a full time real-people job and a real-people husband and kid that demand a lot of my time. I dress accordingly. All that I ever hope is that my outfits aren't entirely horrendous. And really, my goal is just not to fall into any of the 'fail' categories: mommy-wear, hooker-wear, mutton-dressed-as-lamb, inappropriate at work, trend-victim, ill-fitting, trying too hard, or not trying hard enough. If I can managed to avoid all of that, I'd say I'm winning.

I don't know about having a clearly defined style (though you would think after living a rather longish amount of time I would have figured something out), but I'd say my look tends towards preppy, classic, and (hopefully) lady-like. That said, you won't find me in ruffles, lace, or sequins much. I'm a girl, but I don't feel the need to announce G-I-R-L with bedazzled glitter, bows or lace to society. Sadly, I also fancy myself a crafter and love to sew. I quite frequently tailor and alter my own clothes, and I love to make my own jewelry and mineral make-up (like etsy needs one more whack-a-doodle with a glue gun).

Other gettin' to know you tidbits:

-I'm a vegetarian (but not one of those kind that beat you over the head with their broccoli)

-I'm an avid reader (I average 3-4 books per week and they're mostly sci-fi/fantasy)

-I grew up in Minnesota, and miss it terribly (and I still sprinkle convos with 'oh, sure you betchha' all. the. time.)

-I talk to my Mom on the phone almost every day (I think she never got over me moving away from MN)

-I was in 4-H for over 14 years. (I showed in rabbits, Wildlife, Forestry, & Geology. Dork, I know.)

-I'm borderline obsessive about diet and exercise (grocery shopping with me is a nightmare)

-I hate Twitter

-I have a phobia about hair and touching hair skeeves me out (even my own)

-My weakness is Diet A&W Rootbeer

-I was in marching band in high school (clarinet) and was the drum major for a year (yet again, Dork.)

-I can't function in the morning without at least 3 cups of coffee

- I love anything sci-fi/fantasy (yes, this includes vampires, Star Trek, and X-Files)

-I have 3 tattoos

-Husband is 17 (!!!) years older than me

-I love to exercise (both weight-lifting and cardio) but absolutely hate watching or participating in organized sports

-I can sing you every song from Rent, Le Mis, Phantom of the Opera, & Singing in the Rain (one more time now--Dork!)

-My favorite time period in history is Ancient Egypt (hence the name)

-I detest green beans, bananas, and mangos

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